Point Calendar

 Everything you need to know to use our MaxMyPoint effectively

Point Calendar View

After clicking the hotel name or the calendar button on the home page, the point calendar of the hotel is displayed. It shows the Standard Rewards Room Points and Lowest Cash Rates in USD for each day. This feature is very helpful for finding available dates to book with points.

*For Hyatt hotels, the calendar also shows the points for Club Rooms, Standard Rooms, and Premium Suites.

Point List View

In the list view, you will find the standard rewards room point value displayed for each day. 

For Hilton and Marriott hotels, the list will also indicate the dates for "buy 4 get 1 free" promotions, allowing you to maximize your point value with an extended stay. 

Additionally, for Hilton hotels, the list view may include the availability of rooms that can be booked with points or the lowest cash rates.