Hotel Alert

 Everything you need to know to use our MaxMyPoint effectively

Setup Point Alert

MaxMyPoint provides three options for setting up alerts for rewards rooms:

Setup Price Alert

For Hyatt hotels, MaxMyPoint also offers cash-based alerts. Users receive email notifications when the prices for cash bookings either increase or decrease.

This feature would be supported with Hilton and Marriot hotels soon.

Manage Alert

The alert page provides a comprehensive view of all hotel alerts, including the corresponding results. It displays the room name, description, and the required points or price for making a reservation. 

Additionally, it offers a convenient link that takes you directly to the hotel's website, allowing you to easily complete the reservation online.

Alert Email

The alerts are scheduled to run regularly, monitoring any changes in room availability, points, or prices. When a change is detected, an email notification is sent, containing a link that directs you to the alert page. 

By clicking on the provided link, you can conveniently access the alert page and review the updated details.